University of Split School of Medicine

Boards of Directors

Every year at the General Assembly of the ISA, members of the Association shall elect the ISA's Board of Directors, which will be in charge for the coming year of the administration and management of current business. You will find below the names of its members.


Here are the requirements of the different members of the association:


Executive Office

  • President: Pierre Sanchis (France, fifth year)
  • Vice-President: Andrija Jukić (Croatia, fifth year)
  • Treasurer: Samy Ksouri (France, sixth year)


University Affairs

  • Director: Arnela Ahmić (Sweden, fifth year)
  • Co Director: Daniel Gunderlach (Germany, fifth year)


International Affairs and Communications

  • Director: Mikey Lem (USA, fourth year)
  • Co Director: Djordje Tadic (Canadian, third year)



  • Director: Julian Kaufman (Germany, fourth year)
  • Co-Director: Maximilian Frenken (Germany, first year)



  • Director: Victor Hoursch (Germany, fourth year)
  • Co-Director: Andreas Wolk (Germany, third year)


Academic Representatives

    6th Year Representative: Elena Zdrilić (Ireland) 
    5th Year Representative: Arnela Ahmic (Sweden)

    4th Year Representative: Djordje Tadic (New Zealand)

    3rd Year Representative: Ivana Vrdoljak (USA)

    2nd Year Representative: Tina Batinovic (USA)


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